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Providing the complete casing solution

From bespoke flight cases for plasma screens and medical equipment to waterproof cases for photography and broadcasting equipment, to fabricated plastic cases for sports equipment and stage lights. Whatever your requirements, we can provide the perfect case for you.

Whatever your need, if our standard portfolio is unsuitable we will design a case that will meet your requirements.

Bespoke cases with clear panels are an alternative solution that offers the opportunity to display products aluminium cases or prints of your choice, and the facility to change the layout for new ideas or images, as often as you wish.

Our slimline Aluminum presentation cases are a change from the traditional leather portfolio, that can highlight the graphic designers pitch or the graduates final presentation.

The aluminum cases may be developed as a corporate gift, that remains with the client as a smart custom made case, and a long lasting visual marketing tool.

Travel by sports car is fun, of course, but is compromised by the lack of luggage space. Many beautiful cars stay at home while we travel in something capacious but boring. How do you use your special car more without shopping for watches cramming things into a collection of soft bags? Tailored luggage solutions are the answer. 

Bespoke Cases

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